Many great artists of the Renaissance period wre born in this area. Within a radius of approx. 30 miles you can find the birthplaces of, for example, Michelangelo (Caprese), Piero della Francesca (San Sepolcro), Pinturicchio (Perugia), Raphael and Bramante (both at Urbino).

The English and German speaking artist Gaetano Gizzi, who is very experienced in teaching art, offers sculpturing and modelling courses in the beautiful old workshops on the estate.

-Leisure opportunities include:

Walks along the rivers and through the beautiful oak and chestnut woods and visiting towns of art which can be found in the area. The rivers offer good fishing and you can cycle along small quiet roads, or relax at the swimming pool. In the neighborhood there are amenities for horseriding and canoeing.